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Welcome to PinkCity Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center. We are working with physiotherapy services in Jaipur who will provide you the home service also. We helps you to make the movement of your body part affected by illness or injury. Physiotherapy requires the Physiotherapist who work with patient whose body activity is damaged by disease or traumatic hazards. For best physiotherapist in Jaipur contact with us. we will take you to the nearby physiotherapy clinic we will come to your home for treatment also. If you are suffering from pain in your knee or shoulder or any body part and that suspected part is not moving, a physiotherapist can give you the best solution only. We are trained and have knowledge of body parts and how they work. Sometimes blood circulation can also be the issue when our body is not in the mode of circulating the blood. Hire a physiotherapist we will suggest you the exercise to regain their functionality. They exploit our life through prevention, treatment, rehabilitation (process of making body fit), rehabilitation (process of enabling the person’s body part that are not in working condition since longer) or promotion (process of health improvement).

What is Physiotherapy?

It is an approach of maximizing the ability to move your injured body part. It restores the wellness to patient who are wounded or having disability. The approach includes helping the people who are threatened by ageing, pain, disorders, injury or affected by environmental factors. According to WCPT- World Confederation for Physical Therapy “physiotherapy is a holistic approach that maintain or restores the movement of our body parts, which have stop working. It improves the physical ability. Also mean the treatment of any injure, pain or physical illness. It is a prescription of exercise that include manipulation or mobilization as treatment process. Electrotheraputic & physical agents are used to maintain or restore the well being. They have a belief that there patient are injured because of social or environment factors. Physiotherapist have their own clinic where they make their own plans of treatments and judgments. We help in movement of bones, muscles or joints which are fail to work.

What are the benefits?

It helps in different manner:-

  • Helps in improvement of physical activity.
  • Indorsing wellness and mobility.
  • Maintain the physical performance
  • Prevent us from re-occurrence or functional decline
  • Improves the functionality of body for longer life.
  • Manages the chronic conditions.
  • Reeducating injury and the paraphernalia of disease or ill health with therapeutic exercise.
  • Helps in body pain, circulation of blood, shoulder or muscle problem
  • Removes the cervical problem
  • Enable the movements of body part- affected by disease, injury or disability.
  • Provide humanization and accessible heath service.
  • Provide service for health care.
  • After having surgery physiotherapy is require for fastest recovery of patient.
  • Reduce the effect of bleeding in joint- which result in permanent disability.
  • Regular exercise keeps you healthy and fit.
  • Make your back muscle strong and eliminate the back pain.
  • Helps in sudden injury
  • Manage the conditions like asthma.
  • Improves the physical independence or fitness both for child and adults.
  • Helps in urinary problem of mainly found in women at the time of child birth, called incontinence.

We offer full-fledged service. Our Physiotherapy center is located in Jagatpura, Jaipur. If you reside in Jaipur and searching a nearby physiotherapist than contact us. We provide you the best physiotherapy treatment in Pratap Nagar, Malviya Nagar and also have Physiotherapy clinic in DSR Multi Speciality Hospital, near Jagatpura railway flyover, Jagatpura Jaipur. You can call and contact with us and we will give you the tips. In emergency We may visit your home.. Our physiotherapist are certified and have completed their degree from recognized universities and have practitioner or registered licensed issued by government. They are authorized to work in hospital and also can practice at private clinics. Physiotherapy service has its applications in all most all disciplines of modern medicine- Orthopedics Neurology Cardiothoracic Obstetrics and Gynecology Gerontology [Geriatrics] Pediatrics and Neonatology General Surgery Rheumatology Sports Medicine Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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